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scooter wheel care

Electric Scooter Wheel Care

An electric scooter is not only a regular vehicle but also the best alternative vehicle for the urban people. Electric scooter has all the friendly features for the users. A best electric scooter has usually a powerful motor, which gives 15-25 mph speed. Tight brake ensures the safety of the scooter and the rider. The seat provides maximum comfort and the scooters, which don’t have a seat, have large sized deck to stand with comfort. But the most important thing is these electric scooters are run by battery power with no use of natural fuel. It enables the users to save some money. These electric scooters also cost very low.

The best service of an electric scooter can get if the scooter is maintained properly. Wheels are one of the important parts of an electric scooter. Wheels provide safety and comfort. Thick tire ensures perfect grip on the road and gives smooth ride without any bump. Now we will know how to take care of the wheels.


Protecting scooter wheel

Protecting the wheels of your electric scooter is a very important thing to use it for a long time. You must protect your wheels from corrosion, rust and other defects. You should apply protective products to protect. But before applying the product you must read the instructions given with the product.

However, you can also protect the wheel by cleaning and polishing it by yourself.


Clean the wheels after riding

After a ride, you must clean the wheels before putting the scooter in the garage. Use mild detergent to clean the wheels. A sponge will be the perfect to clean. To remove a hard stain, take a small damp cloth and rinse the stain. For the areas hard to reach, you can use a bottlebrush to clean. If you drive the scooter around sea, you should use cold water with mild detergent to clean the scooter after the engine cooled down. Always keep in mind that, avoid acidic cleaners to the safety of the scooter.

Wash the wheels

There is car wash in every town. But those are not always safe for the scooter as the high pressure of the water may harm the scooter. You can wash the wheel on your own. Take a sponge and spin the wheels to clean wheels and tires. Be careful to remove the hub and brake pad, as these areas are difficult to wash.


Polishing the wheels

To give a sleek and shiny look you can polish the wheel after washing. However, when you’re polishing the wheels you need to be extra careful to use polishing products. For steel made wheel and for the aluminum made wheel there are different polishing products. Aluminum wheels are more sensitive. You have to know there is aluminum coating or not. To test it you have to rub a small amount of polish onto the wheels and if there is no residue found, the wheels are coated. Steel wheels are quite easy to clean. Polishing is very much important and required for the chrome wheels to avoid corrosion.

To polish the wheels you can use your own hand. Always use a good applicator to polish. Lint-free microfiber is the best for this purpose. Clean the wheels with a towel after polishing.

Wheels are one of the main parts of not only electric scooters but also all the vehicles. Some people don’t know about the benefits of the wheels and therefore they don’t take any action on Scooter wheel care and suffer. If you want to make your scooter last long, then you must take the best care of the wheels of your scooter.

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