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Rear Axle Bearing Puller Best Pick & Reviews

Rear wheels help to control the vehicle. Rear wheel bearing tool help to remove and install the bearing in the rear wheel without damaging the hub and bearings. A wheel’s main component is bearing. It helps the wheel to spin freely with very little friction. This wheel bearing needs to be changed when it is needed. Sometimes bearing gets damaged and sometimes it gets too old. A damaged bearing is risky for wheel and causes accidents. It also makes noise creating disturbance while driving. There are many rear axle bearing removal puller set and tools in the market for both front and rear wheel bearing. Rear axle  bearing puller tools help to remove and install wheel bearing in the wheel. They help the removal and installation quicker and easier than doing these with bare hands and other tools. Using hand for this kind of job is more time spending and the lubricants and the grease of the bearing may spread on your hands which will create hard stains. But it is a must to choose right wheel bearing removal tool for the right wheel of your vehicle. You can’t use a rear bearing tool for your front wheel or a front wheel bearing tool for your rear wheel because it can damage your wheel bearings. There is some great rear axle bearing puller tool in the market which you can use.

GearWrench 41710 Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set


  • Perfect for domestic cars
  • 3 pullers
  • Semi-floating rear axles are also removable
  • Comes in a strong molded case
  • Lifetime warranty

Pros: If you are looking for a tool to change the rear wheel bearings of your domestic vehicles like cars, This Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set is for you. It not only reCheck price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsmoves rear axle bearings but also semi-floating rear axles too. For greater versatility, it provides 3 pullers. Just with the help of a side hammer, it is lot easier than the other tools. Its durable plastic case protects it from any kind damage and it includes laminated sticker instructions. With very light weight of 3.3 pounds, GearWrench 41710 Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set has a life time warranty which gives you a tension free usage.



  • Lightweight
  • 3 different sizes pullers
  • Includes slide hammer and other attachments
  • Bearing cup remover and pulling plate included
  • Heavy duty molded case

Pros: The 8 pieces of this rear axle bearing puller includes slide hammer and other essential and popular attachments which make it one of the best rear wheel bearing ramoval and installation. It has the ability to work for floating rear axle bearing and Check price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsalso for the rear wheel bearings of both cars and light trucks. To make your installation and removal easier and quicker, OTC 6540 has 3 different sizes of bearing pullers. Its molded plastic case helps to carry and store it easily. The most unique parts of this tool are the bearing cup remover and the pulling hook of the rear axle pulling plate. They ease the removing and installing. Cons: Its slide hammer and slide hammer tee bar weigh 5 LB, which is little heavy.



  • Easy removal of semi-floating axle
  • 3 pullers in the set
  • Comes in a nice storage case
  • Damage free removal and installation
  • Easy use and saves time

Pros: The pullers of OTC-7494A is redesigned to remove the semi-floating rear axle bearings easily and quickly and that is the most unique feature of it. This new design also helps to capture the bearing hardly and distributes all Check price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsthe pulling force on the bearing to remove it which lessens the damage. 3 different pullers of this removal tool make your removal task enjoyable for your domestic cars. Each design has its own number like 7495A, 7496A, and 7497A. With 3 pounds of weight it also includes a storage case for safety and easy carry.

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