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rear wheel bearing tool

Top Rear wheel Bearing tool

Rear wheels help to control the vehicle. Rear wheel bearing tools help to remove and install the bearing in the rear wheel without damaging the hub and bearings. A wheel’s main component is bearing. It helps the wheel to spin freely with very little friction. This wheel bearing needs to be changed when it is needed. Sometimes bearing gets damaged and sometimes it gets too old. A damaged bearing is risky for wheel and causes accidents. It also makes noise creating disturbance while driving. There are many rear wheel bearing removal tool and adapters in the market for both front and rear wheel bearing. Rear wheel bearing tool help to remove and install wheel bearing in the wheel. They help the removal and installation quicker and easier than doing these with bare hands and other tools. Using hand for this kind of job is more time spending and the lubricants and the grease of the bearing may spread on your hands which will create hard stains. But it is a must to choose right wheel bearing tool for the right wheel of your vehicle. You can’t use a rear wheel bearing tool for your front wheel or a front wheel bearing tool for your rear wheel because it can damage your wheel bearings. There is some great rear wheel bearing puller in the market which you can use.

Top 3 rear wheel bearing tool:

OTC 4579 9-Way Slide


  • Jaws give lots of combination
  • Usable with other OTC hammer attachments
  • Comes with dent puller and wrench adapter
  • Usable with most front wheel drive bearing and hub
  • Saves energy and time

Pros: The grip wrench adapter and dent puller help to pull the bearing out of wheel more easily. For sheet metal and other unique pulling jobs, it is perfect. For flange-type rear axles, it will giCheck price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsve you pleasure for installation and removal. Its internal and external jaws ensure to pull bearings gears and seals by various combinations. To configure jaw perfectly it has both two and three way cross blocks and cone. It also provides the facility to it with other OTC 5/8 inch-18 thread slide hammer attachments. For safety, the plastic case of OTC 4579 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set is also well made.

Timken HA590317


  • Easy use
  • Removes without any damage
  • Long lasting
  • Works properly on wheel hub and bearing
  • Durable construction

Pros: Made for to reduce friction, Timken HA590317 ReaCheck price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsr Wheel Hub and Bearing is capable to give high quality and long lasting performance for wheel hub and bearing works. It is able to handle ultimate load for this kind of job. Its high standard materials and special seal design make it free from any kind of contamination and preserve the lubricants in it.

DuraGo 29596018 Rear Wheel Hub Kit


  • Easy restoration of the wheel bearing and hub
  • Ensures preservation of the lubricate
  • Durable performance
  • Saves from contamination
  • Lots of parts for the best use

Pros: Designed for a long lasting performance, the DuraGo 29596018 Rear Wheel Hub Kit is a complete solution for repairing non-integral bearing and wheel hub. It includes all the Check price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsnecessary components to restore bearing and wheel hub. Its sealed bearing ensures all kinds of preservation of lubricants and protects from any kind of contamination. For a complete restoration and repair, it has new wheel bearing, wheel studs, snap ring, wheel hub and axle nut. Cons: The lock ring of it is too large for particular vehicles.

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