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types of wheel bearings

Types of Wheel Bearings – Ball, Roller, Tapered & Precision

There are different types of wheel bearings which are applied to the wheels depending on the use of the concerned wheel. The common types of wheel bearing are:

Ball Bearings

This easily is the most commonly applied wheel bearing. Ball bearings are also the most versatile type of wheel bearings. They are capable of absorbing both thrust and radial loads. The ball bearings are generally used in wheels which are smaller such as those on the roller skates and up to automobile wheels.

Roller Bearings

Along with ball bearings these are also very commonly used type of bearings. But they are not as versatile as ball bearings. They can resist the radial load but not the thrust. Because of this they can be used only on lower speed wheels like those on grocery carts and hand trucks.

Tapered Roller Bearings

These types of wheel bearings are used commonly in standard truck and car wheels. Its conical shape allows reduction in friction while cornering when the thrust is at its largest. When a vehicle turns, its wheels are angled at various degrees. These bearings allow this with the least amount of grinding in shifting parts.

Precision Ball Bearings

These types of bearings are basically designed for high performance and high pressure applications. They reduce friction to bare minimum and do not generate high amount of heat. They have a much higher rotation speed as compared to standard bearings. These are used in landing wheels of an airplane and top racing cars in world. They can bear intense thrust and radial loads.



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