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What is Wheel Bearing?

Many want to know- what is wheel bearing? In a simple answer, The wheel bearing is a metal device that matches in between the wheel and spindle of your wheel. These bearings are heavily greased for making radical smooth slippery surface. The idea is to allow the wheels to run independently from your vehicle. The wheel bearings are necessary parts for any vehicle. These component ensure a smooth ride for you. Wheel bearings are most common type of bearings. Everything from cars, motorcycles to skateboards have them. A certain amount of friction is generated when any wheel turns. Heavier the weight of the compartment on wheel, more will be the resistance. Because wheel bearing is a part that decreases friction between varied components once the wheel is spinning. These bearing relieve resistance between the moving parts inside the machine thereby reducing erosion and wear and increasing its life.
Some types of wheel supporting were described by the Renaissance man himself viz. Leonardo Da Vinci in some of his studies in the earlier part of 16th century. Invention of this along with the invention of rebirth was easily one of the most important discoveries in that era and the bearings haven’t changed much over a period of time.

Types of Wheel Bearings

There are many types of bearings which are applied to the wheels depending on the use of the concerned it. Learn more about the common types of wheel bearings

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