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wheel bearing problems

Wheel Bearing Problems and Issues with Maintenance

The right wheel bearing maintenance is typically the key to ensure a problem free operation. The common wheel bearing problems with poor quality bearings are often responsible for the clunking noises that can be heard while turning the wheel and also the gritty feel of the wheel. Most types of bearings conceal the balls inside it. These balls are made up of some special alloys of stainless steel.

A common wheel bearing issues with ball bearings is that they rub against one another while in operation and thereby creating more friction. This can however be prevented by putting the balls inside a cage and lubricating then heavily. For getting a quality lubricant for your wheel bearings, check the back of the can and ensure that they are prepared from the right oils which will not destroy the wheel bearing metal.

The bearings also tend to wear out after some time and there is nothing really that can be done about it apart from replacing them. You need to find quality bearings at the start itself as lower quality bearings might not be able to keep up with the original wheel bearings and they also might result in ruining of your motorcycle and skateboard wheels.

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