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wheel bearing seal puller

Wheel bearing seal puller Reviews

Wheel bearing seal pullers are used for removing all kinds of grease and oils. Though oil and grease are good for bearing, if wheels are cleaned for a long time, the rotten grease and oil can damage the bearing. So, for this removal, wheel bearing seal puller is needed. Moreover this kind of puller helps the removal without any damage to the bearing. Take a look our best picking 2 wheel bearing seal puller

OTC 4508 Professional Style Seal Puller


  • Removes without any damage
  • Handful for light trucks and SUVs
  • 12’’ long
  • Extra blade
  • Multiple size hook tips
  • Professional design

Having a professional design OTC 4508 Professional Style Seal Puller removes oil and grease without harming wheel bearing. It has two different Check price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewshook tips and the hook tips have double-secured durability. Ideal for cars, it is also suitable for removing grease, oil and lubricants of SUVs and light trucks. About 12’’ long, it includes an extra blade. Cons: The handle is too small to prevent ripping through the old seal.

Lisle 56750 Seal Puller


  • Handful design for grease and oil seals
  • Different sizes of tips
  • Suitable for all kinds of seal
  • Easy to use
  • 15 ounce of weight

To remove all kinds of hard seal of grease and Check price of wheel bearing tool and customer reviewsoil, this is one the beast seal pullers in the market. Two different sizes of tips make you more comfortable to pull the seals and save your precious time. Only 15 ounce of weight, you can remove by pressing and pulling the tips behind any seal.

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